Where Should you Start to Transform your Business?

To succeed in your growth projects, you must clearly understand the choices to be made and the conditions to be put in place. The Aplus team is there, right by your side, to make sure your game plan is clear and your employees are engaged, for lasting results. Here's how it works.

If you are a business leader

You feel your projects are not moving ahead fast enough. You have little room for manoeuvre and no room for error. Your management team and divisions are working in silos. And of course, in addition to all your projects, you have to operate your business and meet your targets.

In short, you have to work miracles! It’s enough to make your brain seize up!

Where should you start? Our pragmatic, strategic approach will give you a fresh perspective and will help you:

  • Identify the conditions for success
  • Put in place a structured, flexible approach (a roadmap) that adapts to the unique needs of your organization
  • Eliminate barriers to collaboration

If you are in charge of your organization’s transformation

You have to make your mark on a management team that is overwhelmed and focusing first and foremost on its objectives for the year. You are expected to effect major transformations, but without unduly disturbing the employees. You are facing disengagement resulting from multiple initiatives that are constantly changing.

In short, you have lost sight of the light at the end of the tunnel!

With our experience and coaching in organizational transformation, you will:

  • Save time
  • Bring clarity to the chaos
  • Rapidly identify the obstacles to transformation
  • With your management committee, define a vision, objectives, priorities and a structure that will focus your efforts and engage your employees
  • Deploy an approach that speeds up the execution of your projects
  • Facilitate inter-team collaboration

If you are managing employees

You are already overwhelmed by day-to-day operations and you have to support the major changes being undertaken by management. You are facing disengagement and an exodus of talent in the face of the ever-increasing change. You have tried to convince upper management of the importance of good change management.

Change the culture, manage the change and generate engagement ... How about fries with that?

With our support, you can offer management a pragmatic approach that will structure the transformation efforts:

  • Prioritize transformation efforts
  • Access concrete tools to increase employee engagement and better manage change
  • Initiate a cultural and behavioural transformation

Build your transformation step-by-step and get the results you were looking for!

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