Aplus Training: Become Transformation Experts

Your organization is changing and you need change management training, but you would prefer practical training, not just nice theories. Our training programs have the power to transform your managers into true change leaders, thanks to simple, easy-to-use tools for even the most complex circumstances.

Aplus has trained thousands of managers and professionals over the past few years. Change management training has been part of our DNA since our very beginnings and is something we are passionate about.

Our training programs:

  • Are concrete and interactive and focus on experience-sharing
  • Apply simple, practical tools to real situations
  • Take place in a collegial atmosphere of stimulating discussion

DO-ITTM Certification – Change Management Experts

Approved by ACMP® for CCMP™ certification, this program is for those who support managers and project teams in implementing their strategies. This is a classic program that is always greatly appreciated by its participants, who learn to apply a structured methodology and effective tools.

Transformation Leader

During this one-day course, leaders hone their ability to effectively manage the chaos generated by constant change, engage their employees and keep them engaged, become the leaders of change and act as examples of change management for their teams.

Navigating the Turmoil of Change

This half-day workshop provides a unique opportunity for your employees to gain a fresh perspective and the tools they need to cope with the accelerated pace of change. It is generally intended for teams struggling with a series of changes that have disrupted their everyday lives.

Customized Training

Does your organization have other specific needs? Whether as part of a mandate or as a one-time intervention, we are used to designing customized training sessions and workshops to meet your specific needs.

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