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The art of influence: is it a key to successfully manage your changes?

The art of influence: is it a key to successfully manage your changes?
 Whatever your position, it’s likely that you need to influence your boss, colleagues, subordinates, suppliers, and customers several times a day. We all do this intuitively and constantly without really asking ourselves how we do it. Yet are we truly mastering the art of influence?

Mastering the art of influence means making sure that our opinions, ideas and views are heard, appreciated and considered by those with whom we work and that they impact the direction of the changes we want to implement.

The fast pace of change with its unmatched levels of complexity, the context of globalization, the organizational matrix structures and projects, the management of teams increasingly diverse, and the recognition of the various interests expressed by all stakeholders with whom we need to work are all situations that require a remarkable ability to influence others. Aiming for positive outcomes while keeping in mind the objectives to be met makes managing with influence one of the essential skills to develop and master.

In practical terms, influence strategies are varied; they can rely on status and hierarchical power or simply on encouragement and collaboration. The use of a strategy depends on its efficiency. Regardless of the tactics you plan to use to get your ideas or points of view across, you want to build trust, support and acceptance for your priorities and avoid creating distrust, intimidation or abuse of power. Sometimes, we understand and appreciate some of these styles while others can be confusing, unclear and frustrating. Becoming aware of your own style of influence is an important asset.

A very simple tool is at your disposal to better understand your personal style of influence. Remember that you are interacting with others who also adopt or act with their own style.  A tool that allows you to develop this vital skill for maximizing your change effectiveness. We can gladly discuss this tool with you.

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