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Aligning the Management Committee on the need for an internal transformation

Energy Industry.


With increasing environmental pressures on the industry and a need to revisit their market positionning, numerous internal changes and projects were required to be ready for the future of the organization. A major ERP implementation was a key component of their strategy but IT couldn’t find a business sponsor to own it no matter how important the investment was. The organization wanted to measure the appetite of its Management Committee to embark on a major internal transformation and then, decide wether or not an ERP was to be a lever for such a transformation.


Prepared an online questionnaire administered to 25 people (Management Committee members and key directors in the organization). Ran 22 interviews to understand their perspective on WHY an internal transformation would be required, what would be the key components of such a transformation, and the benefits of an ERP implementation. Prepared findings and recommendations together with the internal working team. Held 3 workshops with the Manangement Committee to address each of these 3 questions.


Within 7 weeks, their appetite grew form an average of 4-4.5 to an average of 8-8.5.  Management Committee members were given presentations on the basics of ERP implementations in 2020 and the results of a study of potential benefits for the organization. The organization has launched an internal transformation program that will bring together all the ongoing or planned local initiatives and align them on the organizational needs required to meet its long term vision.

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