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Redefining yourself means changing

Redefining yourself means changing…

Life is leaving you breathless and you want time to think...

The body must be fed to burst into energy, oxygenated through regular exercise, hydrated and respected to ensure its healthy balance. However, we all know the saying: “Sound mind in a sound body.” So, how do you also keep your mind healthy? How much time do you spend in a year redefining yourself or acquiring new skills? Are you able to find time to reflect and take a step back from your daily concerns?

We all live at a hectic pace and every day we are faced with problems to solve for which we don’t always have solutions. We often approach problems in much the same way because we rely on our past experiences. But there are often many other ways to deal with problems.

When was the last time you attended a conference or luncheon? How about when you last registered for a training or workshop? Are you taking advantage of your network and when was your last networking activity? These are all great ways to think outside the box and learn something new. Meeting people from different backgrounds will help you change your outlook.


Whether in the form of conferences, workshops, training sessions, happy hours or any other activities, such venues all have the same power: preventing you from seeing the forest for the trees.  They allow you to take a step back and discuss topics of common interest. Yes, you are overwhelmed, who isn’t? But see this opportunity as a privileged moment to think, see something different, question and discuss your issues, learn new skills and expand your network. To change and get different results, you must also take different measures. Investing in your development means opening yourself to change; it’s accepting that you always have something new to try and learn.

Redefining yourself means changing... What measures will you take in 2013?  Share your thoughts by sending us your feedback!

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