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Dare to Transform Your Business: Seven Keys to Clarify Your Roadmap


Dare to Transform Your Business: Seven Keys to Clarify Your Roadmap was written with a single goal in mind: to give business leaders a simple roadmap, practical advice and tools so they can confidently embark on the transformation of their organization.

BOOK Preview

This guide is illustrated by characters in a fictional business: Lord Housing. It was written by Marcel Auclair and Manon Champagne, the co-founders of Aplus, and in 160 pages, it shares over 50 years of expertise and experience in change management and business transformation.

Each chapter has four sections:

  • Practical advice inspired by the authors’ experience in the field with executives and businesses undergoing transformation.
  • The story of the Lord Housing management committee as they face a transformation that is struggling to get off the ground.
  • Highlights
  • Practical tools to stimulate reflection, suggest strategies and help you structure your actions.
Additional information 

PDF (.acms): To read this format, you need to download Adobe Digital Editions . The software is free and available for pc and tablet.

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