Partners of your business transformation

Aplus is first and foremost a team of passionate, experienced specialists who share strong values and a common goal: to be your partner in the success of your business transformation by being a strategic yet practical partner.

Why Aplus

15 years of experience as a company, hundreds of years when you add up our team members’ experience.
Two experienced business partners, who are also entrepreneurs and coauthors of a book: “Dare to Transform Your Business – Seven Keys to Clarify Your Roadmap”

A team of caring individuals working with you towards your success
A FLEX Transformation Roadmap proposing a rigorous yet flexible approach to execute your business transformation
A 360 approach which considers your organization’s unique context allowing to rapidly zoom in on core business issues

Our team

Manon Champagne
Co-founder, President and Strategic Consultant
Manon’s energy and passion are contagious. She acts as an advisor to senior management, bringing a strong business vision and understanding to her interventions. A true citizen of the world, Manon studied in Belgium, worked on cruise ships and lived for several years in Australia. Manon is a devoted mother but remains adventurous to the core, always ready to take on multiple causes.

Superpower : My colleagues would tell you that I’m a walking jukebox.
Guilty Pleasure: To travel, go on adventures to discover the beauties of our planet.

"Every mandate is as much an opportunity to contribute to my clients’ growth as to learn and grow with them."
Marcel Auclair
Co-founder, Vice President and Strategic Consultant
Marcel is deeply curious, always ready to learn and contribute. A strategist, coach, presenter and facilitator, Marcel specializes in developing ways to engage management and employees. His core values include family, self-improvement and living well, and his self-assigned mission in life is to “bring more humanity to organizations”

Superpower: To adopt a solution-based approach and remain calm…
Guilty Pleasure: Watch Star Trek and eat chips.

"My passion is to share, offer a fresh perspective, simplify that which is complex and bring clarity where there is confusion."
Natalie Hubert
Director and Senior Consultant
Natalie is a vivacious person with a deep desire to make life easier for the managers she coaches in their process of change. She is generally cheerful and enjoys her work, often teasing clients and colleagues alike. You’ll never be bored around Natalie! At ease with both hands-on work or and strategic thinking exercises, Natalie knows which questions to ask to get things going.

Superpower: To find powerful questions to ponder and "Make that hamster run".
Guilty Pleasure: Miss Vicky Salt & Vinegar and champagne … not together though :-)

"We are all 100% responsible for 50% of a relationship."
Joël Martimbeault
Director and Senior Consultant
Joël is a creative soul who is always eager to learn something new and thrives on teamwork. As a lead consultant, he draws on his business analysis and project management experience to bring his clients maximum value. He is also a trainer and workshop facilitator, which he delivers with abundant enthusiasm and energy.

Superpower: The power of persuasion. To bring more « good » in this world with those who are a little more stubborn.
Guilty Pleasure: Play with fire! Literally. I practice "poi" – a Maori tradition that become a performing art. I learned watching YouTube videos :-)

"My wish is to make a difference in the lives of people who are going through change, but also to share some of my experience with them so they can develop tools to better cope with it."
Caroline Roussel
Change management consultant
Driven, energetic and always smiling, Caroline is keen to do everything she can to help her clients progress. She started out in business analysis, but eager to focus on the human dimension of projects, she soon acquired expertise in change management. Convinced that one should never remain idle, Caroline is passionate about the environment and ecology, as well as now discovering the joys of being a mother.

Superpower: Contagious cheerfulness
Guilty Pleasure: Almost anything sweet!

" I choose to be optimistic and believe in all of us. Whether on projects or in everyday life: if everyone picks up a glass of water, together we can put out a fire."
Hélène Chaineux
Director and Senior Consultant
A deeply human person, Hélène is a specialist in business transformation and change management. She is also a fine strategist and coach and an experienced team manager. No wonder she says she is hyperactive yet structured and effective! Passionate about art and nature, Hélène uses her creativity to help her clients evolve towards new and better approaches.

Superpower: Chameleon – I adapt to any kind of situation
Guilty Pleasure: Well Belgian chocolate, what else! :)

" I build bridges and mobilize people at every level of the business to get all sorts of different people rowing together in the right direction."
Guillaume Desjardins
Director, Business Development and Senior consultant
With over 20 years of experience, Guillaume excels at transform vision into actions using his competencies in training, communication, and project management. His expertise, resilience and emotional intelligence help him support managers and executives. Dynamic and amiable, he creates an environment conducive to collaboration and, with his acute political sense, he can strategically resolve issues.

Superpower: I’m the gatherer!
Guilty Pleasure: Cars

"Anything can be said although you have to choose a combination of time and place, clarify your intention and structure your message. All that with the appropriate tone."
Paula Alvarez
Responsible for marketing 
and digital projects
Curious and self-taught, Paula is a top Swiss knife who can rapidly adapt to new environments. She has a strong capacity to learn and puts human relationships first. Over the years, she has accumulated very diverse skills ranging from web marketing to web design and graphic facilitation. Visual and very manual, Paula is highly creative and has a passion for arts.

Superpower: My desire to learn and my ability to self-learn. I like to try everything! 
Guilty Pleasure: Books and good chocolate 

"We don’t know how our job will evolve, the only thing we know for sure is that from now, we are perpetual learners. Let’s be curious!"
Jacques Adam
With over 30 years of experience in training and recruitment, Jacques has developed great interpersonal skills. A good communicator coupled with great listening skills; he is always interested in learning more about the life experience of the people he meets.

Superpower: Loyal to the end!
Guilty Pleasure: Audiophile… to my spouse's great despair, not for the music, but for the cost of the devices …

"The pleasure I take in my work is to succeed in satisfying all the stakeholders in the recruitment process : the candidate, the client and the team."
Icone profil
Catalina Barbarosie
Change and transformation management consultant
Passionate about creating healthy and stimulating work environments, Catalina uses a human-centered approach to help organizations navigate their human and digital transformation. She engages stakeholders with her endless optimism and positive energy, transforming visions into concrete actions. Catalina is also a coach and facilitator who approaches each relationship with a deep empathy for the human experience.

Superpower: Laugh, learn and move on.
Guilty Pleasure: A glass of wine while watching the sunset.

"We spend 1/3 of our lives at work. We should be able to learn, grow contribute and simply be happy throughout that journey."
Are you looking for a job in transformation or change management that will channel your passion? Are you looking for a team that shares your energy and doesn't take itself seriously? But above all, do you want to make a difference in your journey?

Our team would love to meet you!
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