Aplus, a team driven by your challenges and the quest for results!

Aplus is the result of a solid partnership between Manon Champagne and Marcel Auclair, both passionale for organizational transformation and change management. They share their passion with their team, who have a strong desire to bring humans at the heart of organizations because an engaged workforce brings increased performance.

Manon Champagne

Cofounder and President of Aplus, Manon is a citizen of the world having studied in Belgium and Australia, worked on cruise ships and lived many years in Australia. Quickly after her first years at DMR and having completed her MBA, she discovers her passion for change management. With the drive that as always been her trademark, she first became an independent contractor before founding Aplus. Manon carries a solid business vision and understanding to her mandates. Her energy and passion are contagious. Senior consultant, speaker and workshop facilitator, Manon is also a devoted mother and a citizen involved in many causes.

Marcel Auclair

Cofounder and vice-president, speaker and senior consultant, Marcel quickly left behind his first career as a journalist to turn to internal communication with Alcan, Bombardier, Videotron and Hydro-Québec. Marcel developed his interest for organizational development and change management while pursuing a Master's’ degree in Human Systems Intervention at Concordia University. His dream is to bring more ‘human’ in the organizations. He couples this dream with his passion for research, reading, and a constant quest to make simple and practical what can otherwise be very complex. Marcel is more than willing to generously share his passion, knowledge and discovery with you.

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