You are in charge of major changes or a transformation

You need to make your mark with a Management Team that is overwhelmed and focussed on delivering its annual targets. You need to deliver major changes - even a transformation - in that context without monopolizing too many resources. Long term and short term priorities are numerous and there is a lot of competition for human and financial resources. You face disengagement resulting from the number of projects that keep changing.

At Aplus, we have the required expertise and experience to help you identifiy and the required conditions for success. Whatever the nature of your changes or transformation, we can be by your side throughout the journey.

Aplus helps you:

Develop yours or your team’s skills and competencies

Get ready to carry out changes and execute a the transformation

  • Diagnostic and recommendations
  • Clarifing your transformation roadmap
  • Tools and processes to carry out your changes and transformation projects
  • Governance for the success of your changes or transformation
  • Tailored strategic retreats or workshops
  • Clarifying transversal processes beyond local initiatives
  • Change or transformation management strategy
  • Learning strategy
  • Coaching to managers and teams

everything that needs to be done

  • Creating a realistic execution roadmap that reflects all your organization’s capacities
  • Change management plan definition and execution
  • Prioritization of all projects based on capacity and objectives
  • Engagement and adoption strategy
  • Analysis required to understand the impacts of the changes on various stakeholder groups
  • Transversal processes review / redesign
  • Learning modules development
  • Transition plans definition and execution
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