Organizational Commitment for Lasting Results

You are looking to put an end to silo mentalities and gain more employee commitment in your teams. Or perhaps you are making an acquisition or trying to change your company’s culture in a growth context.


  • Those in positions of power are entrenched and are resisting change
  • The objectives are poorly understood
  • Teams don’t have the time for projects
  • Personal and political interests are getting in the way
  • There are cultural gaps between divisions

In short, you are not seeing the engagement you were hoping for, despite the many initiatives you have introduced to motivate your troops. Where can you start?

Aplus offers you solutions for increasing organizational commitment:

Measure Engagement

We select the best approach for measuring employee commitment on a regular basis. Using tools that have been tried and tested by thousands of organizations, we solicit employee feedback, provide fun scorecards and carve out the best way forward.

Coach your Managers

We coach managers in how to read their teams’ results and take action to increase engagement. We help them become better transformation leaders.

Focus your Strategies

Engagement in the context of a specific project or division can be a challenge. We help you develop focused strategies that address these specific challenges.

Train your Employees

Aplus offers a range of training options that will have a direct impact on organizational commitment:

  • Collaboration workshop: Lack of collaboration within and between teams is a frequent source of disengagement. This fun workshop identifies avenues for effective teamwork.
  • Change management training: Transformation leaders gives managers the tools they need to get their teams engaged in change. Navigating the turmoil of change gives employees the tools they need to better cope with changes in their organization.

Our engagement services will result in:

  • Employees who are more committed, driven and engaged
  • Managers who know how to take simple, fast action to address the needs of their teams
  • Analysis and solutions, fast
  • A maximum of practical, timely actions for moving things forward

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Engagement is an issue in your organization?

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