Organizational Change Management: Stop Wasting Time and Resources!

Do you have more and more projects for improving your organization’s performance and ensuring its continuity? Are you making organizational changes, standardizing your processes, replacing your systems and transforming your culture? Do you seem to be wasting time and resources and not getting the expected results?

Your employees are very likely struggling to work through these transitions. If so, you will need to improve some management practices, and you may need to bring in additional resources to meet your needs.

Aplus consultants have been instrumental in the success of hundreds of projects since 2006. When you work with us, you get:

  • Experienced consultants known for their interpersonal skills
  • A proven, flexible methodology based on our exclusive DO-ITTM model
  • A personalized, strategic, pragmatic approach

The Aplus Approach to Organizational Change Management

At Aplus, we tackle things simply and pragmatically to fit with your unique situation. There are many reasons to choose us, including the quality of our guidance:

Strategic Advice and Action Plan

Together with your teams, our consultants develop strategies and initiate action plans to prepare all your employees for the coming changes.


Transformation Leader trains managers in new skills and tools that will enable them to better engage their teams during a transformation.

Navigating the Turmoil of Change gives employees the tools they need to better cope with the many transformations their organization is undergoing at an increasingly faster pace.

Organizational Change Management Model

Our exclusive DO-ITTM Model provides a framework, an approach and a set of tools for managing change from start to finish. Already used effectively by hundreds of organizations, DO-ITTM is the most practical approach on the market!

Develop a Change Management Culture

Changes are so frequent and fast-paced now that at Aplus, we often refer to “permanent transformation”. Our transformation specialists have developed a comprehensive toolbox to support you in getting your business to embrace a culture of change management.

Having a culture of change management means adopting the mental stance, resources, skills and practices required to better cope with the turbulence caused by frequent changes.

Need help in change management?

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