Growth Project: A 360-Degree Approach

To transform your business effectively, you will need to manage risk and, above all, avoid wasting time and money. Our strength lies in providing clarity and guidance at every stage of the transformation, for profitable, lasting change. You can count on our specialists to move things forward, from strategy through to execution, while keeping you connected to your day-to-day operations!

Business Transformation Strategy: The Road to Meeting your Objectives

Clarity is essential. But where do you start when you have no destination? How do you get there if you haven’t mapped a route? How will you know when you’ve finally arrived?

Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective on your growth project to get things moving. Our FLEX Transformation Path will lay it all out for you.

Employee Commitment: Get your Teams Going!

A major transformation doesn’t happen all by itself: everyone has to be on board—your executives, your managers and your employees! We’ll help you highlight the benefits of your growth project for all your teams.

It’s time! Motivate, mobilize, engage!

Organizational Change Management: Equip Yourself for Lasting Results

Our consultants have racked up hundreds of years of cumulative experience in change management. Our DO-IT™ model provides you with a 360-degree view and a flexible, time-tested methodology. Together, we will bring about lasting change.

Whatever your needs, the Aplus team will adapt to your growth project to provide you with full support:

  • Strategic retreat
  • Coaching
  • Tool development
  • Creation and follow-up of governance elements
  • Weekly engagement tracking
  • Coaching of managers in their role as transformation leaders

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