“Maestro” change management training for project managers

Efficiently managing the human side of projects!

Today’s project managers understand that the success of their projects lies beyond traditional management of costs, deliverables and timelines. They understand that their ability to engage many stakeholders in complex change structures is equally important. Accounting for the project manager’s reality, the Maestro training program provides project managers with a proven method and approach for identifying, recognizing and managing human capital issues that determine the success or failure of any change initiative. The success of a project is largely influenced by the capacity of individuals to adopt the proposed change.

Who should attend

This training has been customized for project managers


With the help of a flexible framework, the aim is to equip project managers so that they are able to identify the levers required to ensure the success of their change initiatives. They will be able to:

  • Discuss the need to include change management in their projects
  • Understand the consequences of unmanaged risks and the positive impacts change management can have on achieving your project goals
  • Understand the role of the project manager in change management
  • Track the human side of your projects’ implementation
  • Know how to assess required change management efforts
  • When change management specialists are unavailable, implement some of the best practices to ensure project success
  • Create new reflexes to to assess the human side of projects

Teaching approach :

  • Presentation of concepts, models and practical tools
  • Immediate application of concepts, models and tools through teamwork on fictitious cases adapted to the reality of today’s organizations
  • Sharing of facilitators’ practical experiences


  • Binder with presentations
  • Participant's notebook with all the tools required for the case study
  • Tools provided in electronic format

General Information:

  • Duration: 2 days;
  • Training provides PDU’s for a variety of continuous development programs from professional associations
  • Groups of 8 to 12 participants
  • Available in private of public sessions

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