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Leveraging Change Series: 2 to 3 priorities, yes it’s possible!

In my last post, I talked about some research showing that organizations that focus on 2 or 3 key priority objectives manage to achieve all of them and get the expected results while all those that push on more than a dozen key priority objectives don’t manage to get the expected results for any of them, yet the total budgets they invest are significantly more substantial.

I currently have the pleasure to work with municipal governments that are willing to assess the situation, clarify what their key priority objectives are and deliver more results. As we know, all public administrations in the western world have the same watchword: cuts. Reducing staff, budget cuts, and even reducing services. Without a very clear vision on how to do it, it seems difficult to achieve, unrealistic and only adds to disengagement. Luckily, the municipal governments I am working with have understood.

Bringing executives together, showing them as a team what direction they should take, what means are at their disposal and collaboration opportunities, can ultimately open their minds to the possibility that it is feasible. These are inexpensive actions that allow everyone to better define their mission, evaluate their impact on the organization and finally link their action plan to a few key priority objectives. Result: teams who know more than ever how they will achieve their civic priorities to the utmost satisfaction of their citizens.

From the municipal to the provincial and federal levels, rallying people behind some clear priorities and being able to link their activities to the achievement of these goals can motivate them to excel. I truly believe that everyone wants to do well, but when we don’t have a clear destination, it’s difficult to find the motivation to get there.

Public administrations are not the only ones that need to regroup and bring their priorities into focus. Many private companies also need to better manage their organizational development to ensure a real return on their overall investment by harnessing their teams’ efforts and focusing on a few specific horses capable of winning the race. Do you know such organizations?

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