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In change management, is your organization part of the 66%?

For over 20 years, many studies have confirmed that 66% of change initiatives fail to achieve their objectives. Are your recent organizational projects part of these statistics?

I sincerely believe that we can no longer accept such a failure rate of change management initiatives. It is too costly for our organizations, our people and society in general. Our experience and research confirm that it is definitely possible to do better. Much better. And this is my hope for you.

With the growing and accelerated pace of change in today’s organizations, it is obvious that traditional change management methodologies are no longer adequate. Change must be achieved differently. It has become necessary to consider the whole organizational culture of change rather than concentrate on activities that are too often tactical and limited to a specific change initiative.

Beyond a change management strategy, communication plan or training plan, we must give meaning to the perpetual motion within the modern organization to find a balance between operations and innovation in order to remain competitive and efficient. We must engage all individuals in the success of the organization and become increasingly connected to our people, customers and business partners. We must build relations. Nurture them.

I invite you to fill out a FREE online questionnaire to assess your capacity to maximize your organizational change effectiveness. It will take you less than 10 minutes to assess the extent to which your organization has implemented the levers required to ensure the success of your change initiatives. Three working days later, you will receive your results with recommendations that will directly help you increase the return on investment of your projects.

In 3 weeks, my next blog will discuss the different levers that have the greatest impact on the success of change initiatives. Come and visit us again!

Much success in your changes!

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