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Does an engaged workforce help maximize your change effectiveness?

For several years now, statistics on the level of employee commitment to their organization are alarming. In addition, year after year, these results do not seem to be improving. Yet, what organization does not survey, formally or informally, its employees on their level of satisfaction and does not aim at implementing initiatives that will increase employee engagement? Why so much talk about organizational commitment and why strongly wish for engaged employees? Based on facts, if an employee establishes a positive emotional connection with its organization, it will help increase productivity and significant efforts to achieve both personal and organizational goals. Quite simply, an employee who has at heart the organization will be more productive, give the best customer service and often, stay longer with the organization. This level of engagement will result in increased sales, higher profits and better results in all respects.

Thus, several studies also show a positive correlation between the level of employee commitment and the quality of customer service, sales, product quality, workplace safety and employee retention. However, very few of them admit that maximizing organizational change effectiveness is also a result of high levels of employee engagement.

All changes, regardless of their scope and nature, are made with improved results in mind. However, let’s be honest! The goal is increased profitability, greater productivity, and ultimately, generating more money. There must be a positive impact on the balance sheet. For organizational changes to occur efficiently and provide the expected ROI, it is imperative for employees to understand, believe and commit to the organization, but mostly, to make an emotional connection with the proposed changes. Your changes will bring the expected results only and solely if your employees believe in them and get involved.

In addition, further impressive studies are being conducted that measure each year the impact of high employee engagement on the profit margin, return on shareholder value, customer satisfaction that translates into additional revenues, and so on. However, we should not ignore the fact that the level of engagement is linked to the achievement of a multitude of tasks and activities done by employees who bring about change every day. Changes go through those who introduce them, but especially those who will implement them and those who will live with them. Does the level of your employee engagement have an impact on maximizing your change effectiveness? The conclusion seems obvious!

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