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Do you know about specific observable behaviors?

In organizational change management, little things do matter. You have a set vision, an organizational transformation plan and a budget to go with it, and you are ready to go!   Well, almost…

In an organization that promotes a culture focused on results, you have to be more and more efficient and optimize the resources at your disposal, provide them with tools, coach them and strengthen the mission of the company. All this, while they are adjusting to changes!

Vincent Van Gogh once said: “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” This is also true for the success of change initiatives that we undergo in our organizations.  What are these little things that we must put together to successfully achieve our changes? Specific observable behaviours (SOB)!

Through SOBs, you will bring considerable improvements to the change process by stimulating accountability, commitment, creativity and motivation. You will also develop your ability to “be present” in a change and face them while making a significant contribution to achieving your vision.

Here is a list of steps based on my experience of implementing change in various companies over the last 18 years. I believe that they are of the utmost importance when you want to contribute significantly to your organization’s changes.

1. Inventory the SOBs to be maintained and updated

2. Identify concrete actions that will allow you to do so

3. Develop a plan of activities to be implemented to promote these SOBs

4. Identify indicators and develop a follow-up action plan

Finally, it needs to be said that the adoption of SOBs does not guarantee success, however avoiding them would inevitably lead to failure.

Conversely, by demonstrating the appropriate SOBs, you increase your chances of success at managing change.

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