What you need to know about Aplus !

A story about encounters and organizational transformation!

Marcel Auclair and Manon Champagne, cofounders of Aplus, meet in 2004. They both work as independent consultants for the same client. A project will bring them together. It’s the beginning of a great story of complicity and common passion for organizational transformation.

In 2006, they join forces with 2 partners in Quebec City to launch AFI Transition, specializing in change management. In the following 2 years, the company is flourishing and growing.
In 2008, Manon and Marcel decide to pursue their dream together in Montreal and launch Aplustransition, along with their supportive colleagues.

Your company’s tranformation, the core of our mission

We support leaders in the major changes they want to bring to their organization. Together, we will create an environment for your transformation to strive and be a succcess!
Whatever your strategic challenges may be : technological changes, employee engagment, mergers and acquisitions, productivity increase, restructuring, cultural transformation, digitalization, etc. Our contribution will ensure the success of your transformation.

We work with companies of all sizes and sectors geared up for change

Many customers benefit from our expertise to facilitate transformations within their company. We help small, medium and large organizations, both locally and internationally, to meet their strategic challenges. We adapt our contribution to the specific challenges of each client.

We operate in a wide variety of industries, such as: Aerospace, Transportation, Manufacturing, Banking, Insurance, Education, Public Services, Provincial Agencies and Ministries, Municipalities, Entertainment, Software Development, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Engineering, non-for-profit organizations, etc.

You’re introducing more and more changes? Contact us to find out how we can contribute to your success.