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18 March 2021
Clarifying your transformation priorities using the Rule of 3
Do you find it challenging to break your transformation down into concrete actions for your teams and employees? Here is…
30 October 2020
A roadmap for your business transformation
A business transformation is a project that calls for preparation. To help you chart the best way forward, we are…
12 November 2019
Measuring behaviours it’s child’s play!
Look a little closer, though, and here come the questions … lots of them! Define your target indicators: Really? Behaviours can…
29 August 2019
Working on your employer brand?
Many business leaders are concerned about the labour shortage in certain sectors. How can you be sure to attract future…
18 August 2019
WHY? The question in three stages
When you start a project, whatever its size, do you take the time to ask yourself “why”? Or are you…
15 August 2019
Take a step back for a clearer view
You are just back from vacation and full of new ideas. You get the impression that while you were building…
18 July 2019
Employee engagement is core to your transformation
Business transformations are often aimed at improving performance and providing a better customer experience. But before you embark on your…
4 July 2019
Are you prepared for the generation gap?
If your teams aren’t convinced of the validity of the change you are proposing and don’t clearly understand its objectives,…
4 June 2019
Transformation challenges: The importance of clarity
Do you sometimes become impatient when faced with issues that don’t get resolved, projects that fail or managers who can’t…
6 May 2019
Transformation challenges: There is no sense of urgency!
When I asked: “What would be the consequences of the status quo?”, my client, the president of a financial institution,…
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