Transformation Leader

23 September 2020
What COVID-19 teaches us about transformation
Like most people, I’m in lockdown, forced to work from home, and I can’t help but see the connections with…
28 July 2020
The leader’s voice #6
What do you wish you had known before starting your transformation project? When you start a project, questions always crop…
11 December 2019
Why should I be interested in data governance?
Ah, data! We want to know everything, track everything and analyse everything to make sure that we have all the…
12 November 2019
Measuring behaviours it’s child’s play!
Look a little closer, though, and here come the questions … lots of them! Define your target indicators: Really? Behaviours can…
9 October 2019
The art of visual communication
Accessible anywhere, anytime, information inundates our brains on a daily basis. More than ever before, we are accosted by input,…
19 September 2019
Prioritizing for success
We would like to have enough hands to do everything, deal with everything, but we simply can’t handle it all!…


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