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Transformation challenges: There is no sense of urgency!

When I asked: “What would be the consequences of the status quo?”, my client, the president of a financial institution, replied: “I think the consequences would be catastrophic for the organization within four years.”

When the members of his management committee heard that, they sat up in their chairs. The sense of urgency had just gone...

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Transformation challenges: what is clear for one…

“I don’t get it. My managers are telling me that our transformation vision is not clear for employees, but it’s very clear and I’ve presented it a million times!” How often have I heard that?

How can there be clear and… clear

How can it be, this difference of perception of the clarity of this vision? There...

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Transformation challenges: We want it all, and we want it now!

“What are the goals and the most important projects?” the manager asks. “Everything is important,” his supervisor answers. “Go get organized!” How many times have I heard or witnessed some version of that scenario in an organization? So what comes next? Here are my thoughts.

When everything is important…!

Everything is critical. You need to transform, develop...

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