Change management

30 May 2022
Why change ?
Why change? Why the need and drive to do things differently? If not clearly answered, this question can come back…
30 April 2022
Change management in an agile project management context
Organizations that adopt the Agile project management methodology know that it supports frequent reprioritization while stepping up the pace of…
1 March 2022
Recognition: It's free but it pays off!! 
Think back to your early experiences, as a child, when your parents praised your efforts to draw a beautiful picture...…
24 January 2022
Discover your stakeholders!
Audience, target group, stakeholders – call them what you will, one way or another they are part of your project,…
26 November 2021
Ditch the PowerPoint – tell me a story instead
The movies we watched as children are still etched in our memories. They were formative experiences, spawning generations of Peter…
12 November 2021
Enhance buy-in by decentralizing change management practices
The proliferation of change is causing organisations to rethink how they do things. Some are opting to decentralize their change…
8 April 2021
Capacity challenge: Make significant changes without disrupting daily operations
Bring on the projects, we can do it! Sound familiar? Does it feel as though the projects in your organization…
13 January 2021
In the thick of a transformation? 10 simple tips and tricks for getting your employees on board
Are you in the midst of a transformation but your employees are resisting change? You’ve explained the What, Why and…
12 November 2019
Measuring behaviours it’s child’s play!
Look a little closer, though, and here come the questions … lots of them! Define your target indicators: Really? Behaviours can…
9 October 2019
The art of visual communication
Accessible anywhere, anytime, information inundates our brains on a daily basis. More than ever before, we are accosted by input,…
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