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Business Transformation

28 March 2024
More clarity please!
“Collaborating sure, but on what?” When I ask managers to identify barriers to collaboration within their organization, the lack of…
14 March 2024
Toward a new leadership
The leadership style inherited from the 20th century is no longer suited to the demands of the 21st century. It is now…
8 February 2024
Redefining yourself means changing
Redefining yourself means changing… Life is leaving you breathless and you want time to think... The body must be fed…
1 February 2024
Beyond Silos Series – “Provoking” collaboration
For over 15 years, I have been actively involved in major transformation projects within large organizations. One of my findings,…
29 July 2022
Proper prioritization: A success factor when growth and capacity no longer go hand in hand
Most companies aim to grow. These days, however, capacity issues mean that poor prioritization can lead to fairly negative consequences.…
10 December 2021
Why develop empathy at your organization?
A recent study1 indicates that the most empathetic companies perform 50% better than their competitors. Empathy is considered an essential…
26 November 2021
Ditch the PowerPoint – tell me a story instead
The movies we watched as children are still etched in our memories. They were formative experiences, spawning generations of Peter…
12 November 2021
Enhance buy-in by decentralizing change management practices
The proliferation of change is causing organisations to rethink how they do things. Some are opting to decentralize their change…
14 October 2021
To train or not to train – the question is: how do you deal with performance problems?
Using training to address a performance problem is quite common. However, organizations are sometimes dumbfounded when training fails to solve…
10 September 2021
Lead from on high! Seriously?
If you look at the trees too much, you’ll end up not seeing the forest – and that’s a pitfall…
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