Business Transformation

14 October 2021
To train or not to train – the question is: how do you deal with performance problems?
Using training to address a performance problem is quite common. However, organizations are sometimes dumbfounded when training fails to solve…
1 July 2021
Business transfers: preparing for handover
There comes a time when every entrepreneur must think about succession. A business transfer, regardless of its nature, needs to…
8 April 2021
Capacity challenge: Make significant changes without disrupting daily operations
Bring on the projects, we can do it! Sound familiar? Does it feel as though the projects in your organization…
4 February 2021
A word to remember when leading a business transformation: organization
The key to leading a business transformation is being sufficiently organized to be able to oversee transformation initiatives, ongoing projects…
13 January 2021
In the thick of a transformation? 10 simple tips and tricks for getting your employees on board
Are you in the midst of a transformation but your employees are resisting change? You’ve explained the What, Why and…
4 January 2021
Consolidating gains: Are your changes producing the anticipated results??
Introducing major changes without consolidating your gains is like starting a training program without changing your lifestyle. To consolidate your…
23 September 2020
What COVID-19 teaches us about transformation
Like most people, I’m in lockdown, forced to work from home, and I can’t help but see the connections with…
5 March 2020
Coach, mentor, trainer, advisor ... what’s the difference?
Like any manager or leader of a company in the midst of a transformation, you’ll often call upon consultants to…
15 January 2020
The leader’s voice #5
Transformation challenges Companies will have many challenges to face in the coming years. During a client audit conducted across several…
11 December 2019
The leader’s voice #4
While preparing for our book Osez la transformation d’entreprise, I had the privilege of interviewing transformation leaders about their lessons learned.…
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