14 October 2021
To train or not to train – the question is: how do you deal with performance problems?
Using training to address a performance problem is quite common. However, organizations are sometimes dumbfounded when training fails to solve…
1 July 2021
Business transfers: preparing for handover
There comes a time when every entrepreneur must think about succession. A business transfer, regardless of its nature, needs to…
3 June 2021
Making your virtual meetings more engaging
Is it possible to design virtual meetings that are actually engaging? To spur real participation, even in remote working conditions?…
8 April 2021
Capacity challenge: Make significant changes without disrupting daily operations
Bring on the projects, we can do it! Sound familiar? Does it feel as though the projects in your organization…
18 March 2021
Clarifying your transformation priorities using the Rule of 3
Do you find it challenging to break your transformation down into concrete actions for your teams and employees? Here is…
4 February 2021
A word to remember when leading a business transformation: organization
The key to leading a business transformation is being sufficiently organized to be able to oversee transformation initiatives, ongoing projects…
13 January 2021
In the thick of a transformation? 10 simple tips and tricks for getting your employees on board
Are you in the midst of a transformation but your employees are resisting change? You’ve explained the What, Why and…
4 January 2021
Consolidating gains: Are your changes producing the anticipated results??
Introducing major changes without consolidating your gains is like starting a training program without changing your lifestyle. To consolidate your…
30 October 2020
A roadmap for your business transformation
A business transformation is a project that calls for preparation. To help you chart the best way forward, we are…
23 September 2020
What COVID-19 teaches us about transformation
Like most people, I’m in lockdown, forced to work from home, and I can’t help but see the connections with…
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