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Employee engagement is core to your transformation

Business transformations are often aimed at improving performance and providing a better customer experience. But before you embark on your grand project, you may wish to give some thought to your employees’ level of engagement.
In terms of their level of engagement, employees fall into three main categories:

  • Engaged: They are enthusiastic and committed to their...
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Are you prepared for the generation gap?

If your teams aren’t convinced of the validity of the change you are proposing and don’t clearly understand its objectives, your business transformation will never succeed. But are you addressing this by tailoring your message to the age of your employees?

There are two sides to every coin

A colleague recently told me that she had been...

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Transformation challenges: The importance of clarity

Do you sometimes become impatient when faced with issues that don’t get resolved, projects that fail or managers who can’t seem to grasp what you want? Then this blog is for you.

Patience is the mother of … clarity

As an entrepreneur and a team leader, that happens to me regularly, and I see the same thing...

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