Working with Aplus

Approche Changement organisationnel

At Aplus, we seek to truly understand your needs and to offer you approaches adapted to your reality. We do not believe in ready-made solutions, rigid and imposed approaches which do not add value.

Our mission ? Transforming organizations by focusing on people

Working with Aplus means working with a team that:
Shares GENEROUSLY to leave a legacy
Guides you with CARE and an OPEN-MIND

Our approach

Our approach is a reflection of both our values and our desire to work with our clients to take them ever forward.
It’s an approach that is…

Strategic. With the help of our unique frameworks (FLEX and DO-IT), we take a 360º view of your organization to develop strategies.

Pragmatic. We believe in concrete actions that actively involve the people on the ground and add value directly.

Creative. Your situation is unique, so we develop solutions that are tailor-made to your reality.

Proven. The suggested processes and tools have proven themselves in many organizations, with thousands of business leaders since 2006.

FLEX™ Transformation Roadmap

Clarity is essential. Where should you head if you don’t have a specific destination? Which route should you take without any sign posts? How do you know if you have really reached your destination?

The FLEX™ Roadmap allows you to quickly identify obstacles to your business transformation. Both structured and flexible, it allows you to determine key activities that make the difference between stagnating and advancing with your transformation and then helps you execute those activities efficiently. You save time by focusing your efforts where they count the most. Want to turn on that light at the end of the tunnel?

FLEX™ Transformation Roadmap

How to manage organizational change

Our exclusive DO-IT™ model offers a framework and a series of tools for managing change, from beginning to end. DO-IT™ is the most practical approach on the market and has been used by hundreds of organizations to clearly define the roles and responsibilities for successful change.

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