Business Transformation Specialists with Guts!

We are Aplus

Welcome to the world of Aplus, a friendly team of business transformation specialists. At Aplus, you will find unpretentious people who enjoy what they do and enjoy a good laugh. We are dedicated, results-oriented, frank, no-nonsense people who tell it like it is and think outside the box, to always take things one step further.

In short, at Aplus, our heart is in the right place! It’s that human side that connects with and engages the people we meet—from our partners to our clients and their employees.

Our mission is simple:

Achieve growth for our clients  and the lasting engagement of their employees.

It's what gets us out of bed every morning and keeps us going throughout the day.

The Meeting that Changed Everything

The Aplus adventure began in 2004, when Marcel Auclair and Manon Champagne met and forged a strong alliance on their first project together. Their shared passion for organizational change and above all the pleasure of working together drove them to found AFI Transition with partners from Quebec City in 2006.

In 2008, they decided to co-found A+ Transition (now known as Aplus). Since then, they have built a team of consultants and a network of partners who share their values, their passion and their desire to make a difference for their clients.

Aplus co-founders Manon Champagne and Marcel Auclair.

Our Values

In 2018, we re-examined our values and asked ourselves: What is it that we have been driven by since the beginning and want to strengthen in the future?

That exercise highlighted four values that we consider non-negotiable:

 We are dedicated to helping organizations grow and succeed in their transformation projects. We also believe in the importance of staying curious and of learning and growing with our clients and colleagues.

 We feel strongly about the challenges of our mandates and our clients’ victories. We have become addicted to knowing that we have contributed to the success of important growth projects, and that we have done so in a way that ensures lasting change.

Giving, making ourselves available and sharing our experiences, advice and practical tools is in our nature. We have a deep desire to exceed our clients’ expectations.

 Our human, passionate and generous side in no way detracts from our demand for rigor. On the contrary. We believe strongly in the value of providing a clear, flexible and proven process and tools that ensure high-quality, lasting results.

Are you wondering what it’s like to work with us? Visit our Career page.

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