Workshops and Conferences


Most of our Workshops can be Delivered as a One-Hour Conference, a Two-Hour Workshop or a Half-Day Workshop.

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Better Execution Through Collaboration

Transformation agility requires effective collaboration that transcends organizational boundaries. Learn how to boost your collaborative skills so you can solve problems faster and anticipate and innovate better.

Collaborative Conversations

Transformation happen one conversation at a time. Learn how to initiate and sustain collaborative conversations that lead to mutually satisfactory solutions and results, even when opinions differ.

Navigating the Turmoil of Change

Organizations with transformation agility can count on employees who are resilient in the face of constant change. This workshop helps participants develop personal awareness and acquire the tools they need to become more apt at navigating the turmoil of change.

Increasing Your Team's Agility

Discover through a custom-tailored workshop how4 key agility practices can make all the difference in your team:  1. Put the client at the core of your decision making process  2. Decide in real-time. 3. Experiment and innovate in an iterative way. 4. Put together agile and efficient multidisciplinary teams.

Changing Behavior: Yes, But How?

A successful transformation inevitably means adopting new behaviors. Learn how to identify the key behaviors that directly affect the success of your transformations, and how you can use various influence strategies to change behavior.

Ten Winning Practices for Effective Communication

A successful transformation requires lots of communication. Discover 10 winning practices used by great communicators to win the trust of the people involved and engage them in the process.


Secrets of the Most Successful Companies

To stay competitive, companies must constantly and rapidly implement new initiatives to increase productivity, improve quality, tighten timeframes, innovate and develop new markets. Through case studies, research and practical advice, you will learn how the most performing companies succeed in implementing multiple changes while staying efficient and keeping their teams engaged and their customers satisfied.

Seven Keys to Successful Change

Successful transformation is a major challenge for an organization’s managers and employees. How can you prepare properly for such changes while minimizing the impact on day-to-day activities and maintaining high-quality service? This interactive conference will teach you the seven keys used by successful change leaders, and leave you with simple, practical tools to help you be better prepared for change.