These four training programs are offered in private or public sessions, in French or English, and can be tailored to your needs.



Certified ACMP® QEP™
Those who are called upon to support managers and project teams in the implementation of their strategies will take ownership of a structured methodology with simple yet efficient tools while discovering best practices in change management.




Leaders who must implement one or multiple changes in their organization will develop their skills to better manage the chaos created by perpetual changes, manage their employees’ adoption and keep their teams engaged.



Project managers must consider the human side in what they do on a daily basis. They will learn to apply change management practices efficiently to project management and identify the levers required to ensure the success of their change initiatives.


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This custom-designed workshop is built to increase your management team's agility. It is targeted at executives who would like to see their team collaborate more effectively and efficiently, make decisions faster, and be better at innovating.