Strategic Support


Our senior consultants can support you in identifying issues and implement customized solutions enabling the engagement of the entire organization on your strategic priorities.


Organizational Assessment

Our diagnostic tools enable us to make observations and develop customized recommendations with regard to issues such as: the level of change resilience in the organization, transformation agility, readiness to change, the level of buy-in and organizational challenges.


Transformation agility assessment

An agility assessment measures your transformation agility index across four dimensions: governance, leadership, engagement and performance. This index places your organization on a maturity matrix that measures your ability to execute your business transformations. The result is customized recommendations for improving your transformation agility.


Facilitation of strategic planning sessions

Preparation, facilitation and tracking of a process aimed at getting your management committee and your organization to focus on your strategic priorities.


Review of change initiative governance

Process for reviewing or documenting your change initiatives portfolio, organizing its governance at the strategic level, gaining a comprehensive view of projects, analyzing your organization’s capacity to realize and implement changes and sequence projects so as to focus on the right ones, maximizing resource utilization, cutting costs and maximizing benefits.


Structured Collaboration

Introduction of strategies at the organizational or project level to enhance collaboration with a view to accelerate engagement, problem-solving and innovation. Workshop facilitation, collaborative skill development and implementation of collaborative platforms.


Workshops to clarify vision, goals and strategies

Workshops with executives and managers to define the organization or project’s vision, its goals, and the strategies to use support the success of a specific strategy or change initiative.


Assessment of organizational cultures compatibility

Assessment, using cultural indicators, of commonalities and differences between the cultures of the restructured or merged departments/organization and development of a transformation management strategy to harmonize cultural differences.


Business practice harmonization workshops

Facilitation of workshops with employees of various organizations or departments aimed at helping them get to know each other and jointly define best organizational practices. These workshops help participants identify the features of the various practices, recognize what they do and do not have in common, explore commonalities and adopt strategies to integrate these commonalities in their practices.


Integration plan

Development and implementation of an integration plan to synchronize the merging of departments or organizations or the implementation of new structures: culture, process, organizational structure, systems, behaviors and staff retention.


Technology integration process

In the event of mergers and acquisitions or reorganizations, implementation of a comprehensive process for the integration and adoption of systems and processes by users.


Organizational change capacity assessment

Assessment of the organization’s capacity in terms of human, financial and material resources to achieve and integrate the various change initiatives planned. This assessment measures the direct impact of the initiatives on operating capacity so that the appropriate prioritization measures can be taken. The goal is to focus on priorities, with a view to reaping more benefits with less effort by completing selected projects on time, within budget and in line with client expectations.


Integration of new behavior

Support for your team with the goal of targeting the most important organization-wide behavioral changes required to successfully integrate change. Description of the observable actions that support these behaviors, identification of appropriate reinforcement strategies, and establishment of a tracking mechanism.