Project implementation support


As part of your different projects, our consultants can join your project team to perform the required activities to ensure the successful implementation of your changes. We work with project sponsors to support them in integrating the various changes induced by projects.


Change Readiness Assessment

Assessment, using guided interviews and questionnaires, of the extent to which an organization is ready to accommodate change and create the conditions for success.


Change Management Strategy

Development, validation and implementation of comprehensive change management and communication strategies aimed at preparing the organization to integrate the new changes while engaging employees and minimizing chaos.


Stakeholders and Impacts Analysis

A high-level, and detailed analysis of stakeholders and impacts aimed at properly documenting the groups affected by the change, how they are affected and their known and anticipated reactions, with a view to adjusting the work organization as required and developing the communication, transition and training strategies called for.


Communication Plan

Development and implementation of communication activities aimed at raising the awareness of all groups affected by the change and informing, listening to, involving, consulting, supporting and engaging them.


Transition Plan

Development of transition plans for all activities planned for each department, in conjunction with the heads of departments impacted by the change, with a view to preparing and supporting those affected by the change.


Assessment of the organization’s capacity to realize and integrate change

Assessment of your capacity (project efforts and stakeholders affected) to realize and integrate the planned change with a view to measuring the direct impact of the deployment schedule on operating capacity and taking the appropriate mitigation measures.


Implementation support

Strategic and operational support for decision-makers and project managers for the implementation of change strategies and identification of solutions to the problems that inevitably arise during a project.