Leadership Development


We offer custom designed training programs, workshops and coaching to help your managers become better transformational leaders and your employees to better cope with continuous change.


Change Leaders Training

Training for managers and change agents. This one-day training program allows managers to take ownership of their role as change leaders and acquire the tools to better manage their own changes and better support their employees in their transition.


Leader Mentoring / Coaching

Helping leaders improve their mastery of the key role they play in the successful integration of changes in the organization. Support can take various forms, including establishment of a co-development process and coaching.


Structured Collaboration

Introduction of strategies at the organizational or project level to enhance collaboration with a view to better engagement, problem-solving and innovation. Workshop facilitation, collaborative skill development and implementation of collaborative platforms.

Collaborative Conversations Workshop

Workshop for developing the reflexes and skills needed to initiate and sustain conversations where dialogue continues despite divergent viewpoints, with the aim of converging on mutually satisfactory solutions and accelerating the progress of transformation efforts.

Engagement Strategies

Implementation of execution disciplines with a view to getting all sectors of the organization working on indicators and action plans directly related to the strategic priorities.


Navigating the Turmoil of Change Workshop

The Navigating the Turmoil of Change workshop allows employees affected by changes to acquire the new perspective and new tools they need to become agents of change and cope better with constant change.