Deployment of a change management methodology


What ever your need, we can support you in the deployment of a standard change management methodology  (ours or an hybrid custom made for you) which will be used by your leaders, project teams, change agents and specialists and will increase your organization's capacity to change.


Comprehensive Change Management Framework

Aplustransition has successfully developed and tested a comprehensive change management framework called DO-IT (Define, Organize, Implement, Track). This four-step approach is based on 18 best practices, and comprises a set of activities and deliverables based on project management methodologies. The framework is flexible and can be tailored to fit your organization.


Strategy for the deployment of a change management methodology

Development and implementation of a strategy to get managers and project teams to take ownership of the change management methodology.


Training programs

  • Develop change Leaders for managers and change agents: This one-day training program allows managers to take ownership of their role as change leaders and acquire the tools to better manage their own changes and better support their employees in their transition.
  • Develop internal change management specialists: the three-day Experts  training program gives the change specialists and change agents who will play an active change management support role the comprehensive framework and practical tools they need to support managers, employees and project teams.
  • Develop project managers: the Maestro training program helps project managers consider the human side of their work. They learn to effectively apply change management practices to project management, and to identify the levers that are crucial to the success of their change initiatives.
  • Develop the resilience of all employees: The Navigate the turmoil of change workshop allows employees affected by change to acquire the new perspective and new tools they need to become agents of change and better cope with constant change.