Our Results


Some examples of what we have achieved with our clients:

Strategic issues – Clients define their strategic priorities

Many of our clients faced capacity issues because of too many initiatives. We helped them prioritize their initiatives and communicate them clearly to their organizations. Following an analysis, one client clearly determined that their business transformation should take priority over all their other projects. Another client was able to select 17 top priority projects from an initial list of 70, and yet another trimmed its initial list of 20 projects to six strategic priorities, and enlisted all its managers in the task of defining them.

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Changes in technology – Successful migration to Windows 7

A client needed to migrate thousands of users to a new Windows operating system. We deployed a change management and communication strategy that actively involved the business units in identifying needs and issues. The migration went smoothly and according to schedule, and managers and users were pleased. According to the client, only 10% of the work stations would have been successfully migrated within the original timeframe without strong change management.

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Change management methodology – Introduction of a standardized approach

One of our clients wanted a standard approach to managing change. We trained HR and change management specialists in our DO-IT change management framework, created a web-based platform equipped with all our tools, and coached specialists in applying best practice on a project that was successfully deployed.

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Organizational initiatives – Management committee united behind a transformation project

Our client was grappling with a management committee that was resisting a transformation project that encroached on its territory. Our approach helped committee members rally around a department project and take decisions regarding project scope and timing that facilitated their support.

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Leadership development – Hundreds of managers trained

A client with operations in Quebec, Ontario and the United States wished to develop a change leadership training program that fit with its corporate culture. We provided training for some 300 managers and project leads, who expressed their high degree of satisfaction with a rating of over 90%. Following the training, they have organized their roles and responsibilities at the various levels to better implement change in their business units

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