Manon Champagne & Marcel Auclair, co-founders of Aplustransition.

Since 2006, Aplustransition has been developing organizations’ capacity to deliver their vision and strategic plan while being competitive, performing and ensuring their sustainability. Through its consulting services, recognized training programs, tailored solutions and proven methodology, Aplustransition contributes directly to the delivery of sustainable outcome.

Aplustransition is:

  • A team of experienced consultants who, over and above their wealth of know-how, expertise and experience demonstrate the right attitude to provide clients with practical solutions.
  • A comprehensive service offering for the execution of business strategies (diagnostics, leadership, governance, implementation, engagement, collaboration, change management, communication, etc.)
  • A series of training programs, workshops and conferences that have helped thousands of managers and employees cope with constant change and transformation.
  • A few hundred years of cumulative experience with dozens of organizations and all sorts of transformations (technologies, reorganizations, processes, mergers and acquisitions, etc.)
  • A passion for making a difference for leaders and organizations facing major changes.


To help organizations execute their transformations with more agility, less chaos and higher employee engagement.


To integrate the capacity to transform into the DNA of organizations, step by step.


  • Integrity
  • Resilience
  • Rigor
  • Collaboration
  • Renewal