Strategic Issues


Your Challenge is Something Like:

  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving employee engagement
  • Executing the entire business plan
  • New initiatives to add to the plan throughout the year

Are These Some of the Issues you are Facing?

  • Widespread lack of awareness of your strategic priorities
  • Operations taking precedence over the execution of your strategic plan
  • Insufficient capacity to address all your priorities
  • Lack of clarity on which projects should take priority

Our Services

Our Results

  • Executive committee members demonstrating new collaborative behaviors
  • Successful outcome of a difficult budget planning exercise thanks to a new spirit of collaboration
  • 17 high-priority projects identified out of an initial 70 through a prioritization process, enabling the 800 people in a unit to better focus their efforts
  • Capacity assessment resulting in the mobilization of dispersed resources to a major strategic project
  • Executives agreeing and aligned on common priorities and execution strategies
  • Successful implementation of change initiatives requiring multi-sectorial collaboration