Corporate Restructuring


Your Challenge is Something Like:

  • Reviewing the organizational structure
  • Changes at the senior management level
  • Reviewing management ratios
  • Looking to outsource or repatriate one of your organization’s functions
  • Facing negative growth
  • Planning organic growth or mergers and acquisitions

Are These Some of the Issues you are Facing?

  • Culture clashes between departments or organizations following a merger or acquisition
  • Harmonization of systems and processes
  • Staff retention (disengaged employees)
  • The need to adopt new behavior
  • Managers who do not take ownership of their roles as change leaders
  • Constant references to the past: (it was better before..., we used to do it like this..., etc.).
  • Employees no longer knowing who to ask or what they are supposed to do, living with a high degree of uncertainty

Our Services

Our Results

  • Enhanced spirit of collaboration among departments affected by a restructuring
  • Vision statement supporting the commitment of an entire business unit’s managers and employees to a common goal
  • Fast-tracking of the change process thanks to the establishment of a governance structure and scorecard