Changes in Technology

 Changement de technologies

Your Challenge is Something Like:

  • ERP, CRM or BI implementation
  • Implementation of a new telephone system
  • Major upgrade of your IT Infrastructure
  • Implementation of a document management system

Are These Some of the Issues you are Facing?

  • A lack of capacity to handle these changes due to the volume of work
  • Serious implications for those who must adopt the changes
  • Difficulty engaging all those affected by the change
  • A need to change habits and behaviors
  • A need to deploy the system without compromising operations

Our Services

Our Results

  • Smooth migration to Windows 7 affecting 11,000 employees, which, according to the client, would only have managed to migrate 10 % of the positions on time had change management not been in place. Managers and users were satisfied at the end of the process.
  • Implementation of a Clinical Management System within timeframe, without chaos and with engaged employees.
  • Multiple successful ERP system implementations (SAP, PeopleSoft, GIS) thanks to change management support
  • Successful integration of 600 new employees into a new technological environment
  • Managers and change agents engaged and well-prepared to receive the new system in their department
  • Rescheduling of an SAP implementation following a capacity analysis to ensure continuity of operations during the peak period: the two key processes were deployed twelve and six months before system implementation and the system was implemented three months later than planned to avoid operational problems. Employees were engaged and clients were satisfied.