Change Methodology


Your Challenge is Something Like:

  • Finding a change management methodology adapted to your needs
  • Making all individuals in the organization accountable for the role they have to play in the success of changes
  • Build a unique change toolkit for your organization

Are These Some of the Issues you are Facing?

  • Projects that run into difficulty because of poorly-managed change
  • As many change management approaches as there are projects or business units
  • Managers who do not take ownership of their role as change leaders
  • Excessive dependence on external resources
  • Many projects must be delivered simultaneously, but there is a lack of clarity regarding the overall impacts on employees

Our Services

Our Results

  • Leaders training course successfully delivered to 300 managers of all levels from the same organization who have organized their roles and responsibilities at the various levels to better implement change in their business units
  • Experts change management training course successfully delivered to multiple human resource teams who adapted and use the tools provided
  • Several human resource teams or dedicated teams in the project office taking ownership for the change management approach and tools in the organization
  • Change management has become a reflex for many managers and specialists in many organizations (e.g., requests for impact analyses, communication plans)
  • Creation of discussion forums and change networks to engage the managers and departments affected
  • Establishment of co-development sessions for managers to improve their ability to manage employee engagement